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How about Acc Put for Jan 25th 2018 ?

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Now  Acc  25th Jan 2018  PE strike @1700 quoting around 16.20 bid.

Is it wise idea to buy put here around 16 to 16.50 ?

Lets see..once bought ( considering 1 lot)  ...what happens next?

1st January 2016   
Put Bid high 26.50 

Hey Nifty

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Today 19/12/2017  market opening positive. 10425 now I see on screen. Maximum 10510  and down  or down from here? What you think ?  10540 SL ok? 

Keep finger crossed. Just studying my figure. 
Great Tuesday .

few moments later(5-7 mins) 10406  low shown and drama on.

today 20/12/2017  11.13 am

10488 high to 10440  interim price movements. Expiry near by, so exit present view . 

Thinking on Sunday

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The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

by  Charles Bukowski

Wonderful Quotes

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I found it very interesting.

“Opportunities change, strategies change, but people and psychology do not change. If trend following systems don’t work as well, something else will. There’s always money being lost, so someone out there has to win.” – Gil Blake

“First of all, most traders don’t have a winning strategy. Second, even among those traders who do, many don’t follow their strategy. Trading puts pressure on weaker human traits and seems to seek out each individual’s Achilles’ heel.” – Gil Blake

“The lesson for me was that if you break a discipline once, the next transgression become much easier. Breaking a diet provides an appropriate analogy – once you do it, it becomes much easier to make further exceptions.” – Gil Blake

Uphold Patience

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Uphold Patience 

A portion of the best share traders and a portion of the best frameworks/methodologies barely ever exchange, contrasted and what your desires most likely are. 

Be persistent with the market, or more all be tolerant with yourself. Try not to let absence of signs drive you into problematic exchanges; you will just lose cash over the more extended term. 

It's regularly said in light of the fact that it's constantly right: 

The Market Will Be There Next Week,

Just Make Sure You Are!

Try not to Go It Alone

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Try not to Go It Alone 

Nobody makes only it as a share market trader. Each effective merchant at some stage partners with dealer "tutors" and different brokers of like personality so as to build learning conceivable outcomes and get constructive input for their thoughts. 

Then again, be particular in the affiliations and companionship you frame. Some free gatherings are awesome in little measurements. Others can be a trap, just time wasters where you are probably going to get overwhelmed by cynicism from washouts. Many of these gatherings are to a great extent frequented by unsuccessful traders with a terrible viewpoint. Stay away from these individuals and these offices; they will, best case scenario cloud your head, even under the least favorable conditions place you in the mood where you yourself turn into a failure.


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OI changeprice changeCall VolumeCall Net OICall change in OICall Price changeCall LTPstrike
Long BuildupUPUP8491590037585.18669500
Short coveringDOWNUP483175-15077.6768.59600
Short coveringDOWNUP26264150-67569.55674.659700
Short coveringDOWNUP50335475-2475665709800
Short coveringDOWNUP59287400-135075.4483.59900
Long BuildupUPUP5922231925382564.0539510000
Short coveringDOWNUP18641597725-450048.5306.810100
Short coveringDOWNUP81152689800-9375041.15226.3510200
Short coveringDOWNUP231633731025-15195028.35155.310300
Long BuildupUPUP3617651552755190017.396.6510400
Short coveringDOWNUP412786939825-187509.755.3510500
Long BuildupUPUP2365644139001376254.3529.2510600
Long BuildupUPUP137463157875521251.5514.5510700
Long BuildupUPUP63442602200677250.457.310800
Long BuildupUPUP5742105600056775-4.1510900
Short BuildupUPDOWN5926435165050475-0.05311000
* No claim for accuracy. Tally with exchanges.


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Today 14/12/207  time 09.05 am.

Bata India chart looking good.  Now around  717 to 722 range . Now chart suggests to make higher move and test resistance area 734.00 1st and then 747.00

SL around  695 would be appropriate.

What happened later?

On 15/12/2017   Bata India took high of 745.00 


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Fortis Healthcare, yesterday, traded much lower at Rs 126.85 on the NSE as the media report suggested that Haryana government to file FIR against Fortis for negligence in dengue case.
Despite of current sentiment this stock technically turned bullish and reversal is expected .
Now from trading point of view I consider to enter between 126.00 to 120.00 with expectation to pull back around 129.00 and 133.00
Its aggressive idea with stoploss 118.00  and if today market gap down price of Fortis on opening , blind entry around stoploss area can give easy pullback to 129.00 and higher. In that case SL could be 115.00

post time 09.06 am dated 13/12/2017

what happened later?
Fortis achieved 137.50 high on 14/12/2017 

BIOCOn Potential Short Candidate

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Today 12.12.2017  at 09.42 a.m 

Biocon priced at 526.00     According to Chart and astrological perspectives ...stock tend to go down in near times.. Projected target could be 509.00 and 493.00   putting Stop Loss around 542.00

what happened later .....price tumbled on same day to a low of 515.75   and more lower prices ahead.

So On....Going ahead Biocon made new low 509.50 on 14/12/2017


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Dated:    11/12/2017 at 09.53 am.

Current price 1766.00  . Selling Range is 1766.00 to 1775

for  retesting  1736.00 again.

SL 1785.00

what happened later on same day?

ACC tumbled to 1730-1715 area. TP achieved.

Ambuja Cement Short idea

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Today 11/12/2017  Ambuja Cement opened at 269.50  and high 270.55

Now selling 270.50   and waiting for  264.00   

SL 275.00

Later on 12/12/2017

Ambuja Cement dropped to my TP 264.55

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